Winner of Royal Couple Perfume Giveaway!

Thank you all so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts on what Rebel & Mercury perfumes you would like to try.

OK, so I have a winner of the Royal Couple large sample. I took everyone’s names (one time for every Twitter follow, Facebook like and comment) and attached them to a random list generator. Then took those numbers and went to and had a number randomly selected! Lamont, you were number 4 and the winner of the sample! I will email you directly. Thanks everyone and goodnight!



Royal Couple Perfume Giveaway!

"Royal Couple Sample"So sorry for the lack of posts, but I am back! The last few months have brought a whole slough of interesting things for me. A sinus infection, BAD cold and just flat out being tired a lot.

I want to shake off the dust a bit by getting more folks familiar with the R & M line of perfumes. I felt like the best way would be to give you a sniff of one of the blends of which I am the most proud: Royal Couple. Royal Couple started as a solid perfume when it was under my Gabriel’s Aunt line and is still a gorgeous candle. Notes of 2 different types of Rose and Jasmine mixed with Sparkling Citrus. I took that basic formula and created a gorgeous EDP. I added Organic Jasmine Extract, Orris Butter, Cognac and other oils to round out the Jasmine and Rose combo. I think it is classic and for any time of year. So, for the next week, I will be taking your comments on what you would like to try in my Etsy Shop. If you “Like” my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter you will get an extra entry. I will giveaway the sample of Royal Couple (a large 1.5ml) to a lucky reader next Tuesday 11/15.

To properly enter the drawing:

-Go to  my Etsy shop (link above) and tell me which perfume you would like to try.

-Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for an additional entry!

-Leave your  name and email as well so I can get in touch with you.

Looking forward to your thoughts and welcome!


Great week for reviews!

So, last week was a busy week for me in the perfume review world. After launching my line in June of this year, I sent out samples to some of my favorite perfumista bloggers. I have been a little nervous about getting my new line out there and getting up there with the big girls of perfume has always been a fantasy of mine! OK, maybe I am not up there yet, but at least folks seem to really be liking my new line and the new versions of perfumes I have created (since leaving the GA Essence perfume line behind). Here are some of the wonderful folks who have put a spotlight on some of my perfumes this Summer. Not only are these folks big supporters of Indie Lines, but they are pretty fabulous too! Here’s the list:

The lovely Stancie at Fig+Sage reviewed “Groovy Garden”, “Paramour” and “Bouquet” perfumes.

The amazing and supportive Trish at Scent Hive reviews a brand new perfume called “Var en Provence”, my Mimosa, Lavender and Olive Leaf blend.

My friend, fellow animal lover and perfumista, Joanne of Redolent of Spices, reviews 2 of my perfumes “Bohem” and “Cerise en Cocoa”.

Ladies, thank you so much for the lovely reviews this past few weeks. We indie perfumers would be lost without you!!!!!

Wow, that was a close one.

OK, so this past 4 weeks has been, well, interesting. I ended up in the hospital suffering 2 strokes from a severely torn artery. I came very close to not making it…..scary stuff. I have been in serious healing mode the last month and figuring out what I can and cannot do. I have had to slow myself way down (very, very hard for me as I am a multi-tasking queen) and tell myself that I cannot do everything all the time. My hope is that I can parlay this thinking into creativity and, most importantly, calmness. I have still been pouring a few candles here and there, but haven’t been back to the blending of my lovely perfumes. I hope to get back to that next week after a short vacation to the Oregon Coast. I am feeling much better. Just the anesthesia alone kicked my behind! Thanks for the words of support and love. Will be back to some more blogging soon. I have some new perfumes to list as well!

More perfumes and sizes to be listed soon!

OK, so you have seen by now that I have quite a few perfumes listed on Etsy. I am hoping to get my 5ml mini bottles listed in the next few weeks so you have more options in sizes. The 5ml will be available for all the perfume formats (EDP, Pure Parfum and Oil). I am also getting ready to list a for more of the re-worked blends, like Venasque (one of my very first perfumes) with Lime, Lavender, Jasmine, Tonka and Paramour (also one of the very first blends I created years ago) with Rose, Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom and Nutmeg Absolute. In the meantime, I have large samples (1.5 ml) and 9ml roll ons in both the Pure Parfum and Parfum Oil formats! Stay tuned for more soon!

Sneak Peek!

I received my mini roll-on bottles this weekend and they are fantastic! I am happy that I will be able to offer several different sizes to my customers.

Here’s the breakdown on the sizes and formats that Rebel & Mercury will sell:

1.5 ml large samples in fancy new vials that are pretty darn cool
5ml Roll-on minis for any format (Parfum Oil, Pure Parfum and EDP)
9ml Roll-ons for any format
16ml Full size Pure Parfum
35ml EDP (Coming later)

The pic above shows the simple, but elegant packaging that all bottles will come in. A black velvet bag with tag keeping in line with my minimal packaging philosophy.

Stay tuned for more pics and the official launch that should happen next week!!