Great week for reviews!

So, last week was a busy week for me in the perfume review world. After launching my line in June of this year, I sent out samples to some of my favorite perfumista bloggers. I have been a little nervous about getting my new line out there and getting up there with the big girls of perfume has always been a fantasy of mine! OK, maybe I am not up there yet, but at least folks seem to really be liking my new line and the new versions of perfumes I have created (since leaving the GA Essence perfume line behind). Here are some of the wonderful folks who have put a spotlight on some of my perfumes this Summer. Not only are these folks big supporters of Indie Lines, but they are pretty fabulous too! Here’s the list:

The lovely Stancie at Fig+Sage reviewed “Groovy Garden”, “Paramour” and “Bouquet” perfumes.

The amazing and supportive Trish at Scent Hive reviews a brand new perfume called “Var en Provence”, my Mimosa, Lavender and Olive Leaf blend.

My friend, fellow animal lover and perfumista, Joanne of Redolent of Spices, reviews 2 of my perfumes “Bohem” and “Cerise en Cocoa”.

Ladies, thank you so much for the lovely reviews this past few weeks. We indie perfumers would be lost without you!!!!!


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